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“Water, air, and cleanness are the chief articles in my pharmacy.” – Napoleon Bonaparte, 19th-century French military leader and emperor

Founder & Director Message

It is pleased to inform you that the TPA is available online as well as to receive your support all through the course of its journey. TPA was launched in the month of January 2013 with an o..........

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Director World Wide Invitations

Dr. K Petrotos

Prof. Satyanand Tyagi was invited by Dr. K Petrotos, Head of the Conference ....

Mr. Isaac Samuel

Prof. Satyanand Tyagi was invited by Mr. Isaac Samuel, One of the Member of Metab....

Ms. Janice Jiang

Prof. Satyanand Tyagi was invited by Ms. Janice Jiang (From Hui Xian Yuan, Dalian Hi-tech I....

Prof. Ben M. Dunn

Prof. Satyanand Tyagi was invited by Prof. Ben M. Dunn [Department of Biochemistry and Mole....

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TPA Pharma. Gallery
Food and Exercise
Pharmacy Image.
Foods That Fight Inflammation.
Constituents Found in Normal, Acidic & Alkaline Urine.
Top 10 Hydrating Foods
Selected Medical Icons.
Ideal Definition of Pharmacist.
Health Benefits of Herbs & Spices.
Worlds Pharmacist Day-25 September
Publication Significance.
Eye Catching Pharmacy Image-III.
Eye Catching Pharmacy Image-II.
A/H1N1 Virus
Eye Catching Pharmacy Image-II.
Eye Catching Pharmacy Image-V.
Eye Catching Pharmacy Image-I.
Symptoms of Swine Flu
Main Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.
Brain Atrophy in Advanced Alzheimer's Disease.
Smoking & Type-2 Diabetes.
Prevention of Swine Flu
20 Benefits of Walking.
Eye Catching Pharmacy Image-IV.
HIV Life Cycle.
Pharmacy Symbol.
Health Benefits of Guava.
Inside Traumatic Brain Injury-A View.